Hatzalah Beit Shemesh, located in Ramat Bet Shemesh Alef, was founded in 2004, by a number of dedicated volunteers with strong medical backgrounds and a clear vision to serve the public with the best emergency medical care available.


These volunteers include a medical director, doctors, midwives, paramedics, EMT’s, dispatchers and other volunteers who recognized the need for a group of life saving medical first responders providing emergency medical treatment. These highly trained responders arrive within the first critical minutes of an emergency to administer BLS – Basic Life Support, as well as to transport the patient to the hospital if necessary. This vision has been realized.


Today, Hatzala Beit Shemesh continues to fill a real need doing invaluable life saving work, with the addition of a fleet of 3 ambulances from 2006 – 2008 until the present, Hatzala volunteers now treat patients from the time of the call until they are, if necessary, transported to the hospital. Because the volunteers live in close proximity to their patients, this minimizes response time, and response time is critical in saving lives.


The continuity of care from the scene of the call or accident by one team, who can accurately brief hospital staff and trauma surgeons of the exact nature of the issues, has a tremendous effect of patient outcomes. In addition, local knowledge of the community provides the responders with essential information an outside service would not have. Such information can be life saving.


Hatzala Beit Shemesh is comprised of volunteers from different walks of life and religious backgrounds. With 3 ambulances, we serve the Ramat Bet Shemesh greater area including RBS Alef, Ramat Bet Shemesh Bet, the City of Bet Shemesh, and surrounding Moshavim.


In addition to emergency responses, Hatzala also offers basic emergency first aid courses in schools and to the public.


Hatzala Beit Shemesh does not charge for emergency house-calls or for emergency transports to a hospital, nor do we get any funding from the State of Israel or reimbursement from insurance companies.

In case of emergency, call  02-999-9992 . Hatzala operates 24/7